National Debt Collections
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Edmonton, Alberta
T5Y 2M9
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Legal and Bailiff Issues

Our affiliations with local legal representation and bailiffs gives us a wide range of services that can include  legal action, repossession of property, or garnishee of wages and bank accounts to collect outstanding balances that can not be resolved in any other way.  Our expertise includes extensive experience in small claims court procedures and our legal affiliations give us the resources to make informed recommendations to our clients.


National Debt Collections was formed with the intention of serving the small to medium size business community. Where other agencies arenít interested in serving this market sector, we are focused on it. We are an agency with fresh ideas, flexibility, and a modern professional approach to an industry that has been around since credit has been granted. No bill is to big or small.

Collections and Skip Tracing
We provide collectors with over 50 years experience in debt recovery and skip tracing.  National Debt Collections guarantees that each outstanding account will be thoroughly skip traced and analyzed to find the best potential recovery solution for the creditor. Our goal is to bring debtors and creditors together to solve credit issues and bring amicable resolutions to often emotional situations as well as striving to keep debtor/creditor relationships intact.

On Site Collection Training
            We also offer seminars on debt recovery in your own office for your accounts receivable staff. We will analyze your collection procedures and provide help and advice on how to improve recovery on bad debt and decrease recovery time. Give us a call to find out more.

Give us a call today to discuss your credit issues. We would be glad to help and our advice is free.